Can I just buy the kitchen blueprints?

All of our kitchens are one-of-a-kind, custom designed spaces, based on our client's vision and the cabinet lines we carry. As such, each is a signature creation and we do not release designs until we are under contract,

Do you design bathrooms?

Yes! Our process for bathrooms is a little bit different than kitchens in that we have a minimum deposit of $200, which is applied to your cabinet purchase. We will do space design only, and have a consultation and design fee for this service based on the estimated hours needed to provide comprehensive designs.

Can you work with my contractor?

Absolutely! We work in concert with your builder, ensuring a smooth process and the comfort of knowing that your already-established relationship will continue and the kitchen process can be done in conjunction with other work the builder is already overseeing for you.

What are your qualifications?

We are a licensed, North Carolina General Contractor. While we are able to manage every aspect of the design and installation of our products, we choose to work with a variety of quality, custom contractors for the implementation of the full remodeling process. Our in-house team installs all cabinetry, and our contractor partners perform other facets of the process such as flooring installation, tiling, plumbing, etc.